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How to recognize a wrong partner: 3 signs

In pairs, infidelity is often found. According to statistics, about 50% of people are cheating on partners. However, you can reduce the risk of betrayal if before the start of the relationship, to critically evaluate the potential partner.

I recently met my friend Mark. He said that his wife has a novel and they get divorced. I was upset: they seemed a harmonious couple. But, having thought out, she came to the conclusion that in their relationship one could notice signs that increase the risk of treason.

Despite the fact that betrayals happen quite often, you can protect yourself if you find a true partner. For this, already during the first meeting, you need to evaluate a new friend.

A few questions to assess the risk of betrayal

1. Does he or her like a person who can change?

This question seems naive. However, the first impression may be very true. Moreover, you can determine the tendency to betray even by photography.

In 2012, a study was conducted, during which men and women showed photos of faces of the opposite sex. They were asked to assume what is the likelihood that a person in a photograph in the past cheated on the partner.

Women almost accurately indicated incorrect men. They believed that the courageous appearance is one of the signs that a man could change. Brutal men are more likely to be incorrect spouses.

Men were sure that attractive women are cheating on their partners. It turned out that in the case of women, external attractiveness does not speak of infidelity.

2. Is he a sexual voice?

Voice is one of the signs of attractiveness. Men attract tall, feminine voices, and women are low.

At the same time, men suspect the owners of a high voice of frivolity, and women are sure that men with a low voice are capable of betrayal

And these expectations are https://dreamgroundworks.co.uk/spark-oficialnyj-sajt-obzor-2023-i-bonusy-demo/ justified. Men and women with pleasant voices have more sexual partners, they more often change spouses. It is interesting to spend time with them, but long -term relationships with such people often turn around by disappointment.

3. Does he have problems with alcohol and drugs?

People with alcohol, narcotic or other dependence often turn out to be incorrect partners. Dependence speaks of problems with self -control: it is worth a person to drink, and he is ready to flirt with everyone in a row, and often flirting ends with intimacy.

How to find a true partner?

If the signs of potential infidelity are noticeable immediately, then understand that before you is not a person inclined to treason, is not so easy.

The risk of betrayal is reduced if partners have similar religious views and an equal level of education. If both partners work, there is less chance that the third will appear in their relationship. And finally, confident people are less likely to cheat on partners than those who have problems with self -esteem or signs of narcissism.

In the current relationship, the listed features are not so indicative. About how likely infidelity is, the dynamics of the development of relations is best said. If, over time, satisfaction with both partners does not decrease, then the probability of betrayal is small.

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