About Us

The Company

The Company

Our company, Palla Candles, located in Greece, is involved in handmade scented candles and diffusers creation.  Combining traditional techniques of handcrafting scented candles and diffusers on glass and other eco-friendly materials.

Our Approach

All raw materials we use are certified and come from Europe. This fact combined with the carefully selected scents, create a magical atmosphere offering you moments of pleasure and calmness.

The decent equipment that we have allows us to apply some special techniques in order to have an elegant product of high quality and aesthetics. Of course, our first priority is to have the best possible quality candles so that the outcome will be undoubtedly what our clients deserve.

We Are Unique

Our uniqueness is that all our candles our mirror-plated which reflects the light of the candle’s flame to the glass. This unique characteristic of ours combined with the release of vivid scents create the most calming energy in order for our clients to have the best experience.

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